Fellow Fanboys! We need YOUR help. And in exchange for it, we're giving away free copies of our book, True Confessions of a Fanboy.

Here's the deal. James knows he's not alone out there. He knows he's not the only psycho in this game. He knows that there are other TRUE fanboys roaming the earth just like him! Well, maybe not EXACTLY like him, but probably almost as crazy. And he's looking for YOU to prove it to him.

"How," you ask? By submitting your own TRUE Fanboy Confessions to be featured on this site's Fellow Fanboy Confessions section!

We're looking for the craziest, most disgusting, most shocking, most entertaining, and most unpredictable stories of experiences you've personally gone through as a result of living the everyday life of a fanboy.

If you're looking for an idea of what we're talking about, you need only check out our Free Chapter Excerpt section, which features the preface and fifth chapter of True Confessions of a Fanboy. The fifth chapter in particular, titled "Conman," should really hammer home the kind of content we're looking to add to this site.

And for those who have already picked up a copy of the book and want to get a free one for a friend, you obviously have A LOT more chapters with a lot more dynamic examples of the kind of tone we're looking for.

In any case, here's what we're going to do: Every month, we're giving away two copies of True Confessions of a Fanboy. The first one is going to go to whoever's story was the absolute best that month. The second one will be a random drawing with the names of every person who submitted a story that month. So even if your "confession" doesn't quite make the grade, you've still got a shot at scoring yourself a free copy.

But wait... there's more! Every single story you submit counts as an entry. So the more stories you send in per month, the higher your chances are of winning the next random drawing. So don't be stingy with those confessions! As for entry requirements...

There are only 4 rules for submitting a Fellow Fanboy Confession:

Rule #1:
It's gotta be YOUR story. I mean, it's fine to exaggerate or add a little parody wherever it might enhance your "confession." But seeing as how everything in True Confessions of a Fanboy is based on REAL people, REAL circumstances, and REAL events, we have to at least require that you provide us with something original from your own warped little mind.

Rule #2:
It's gotta be ENTERTAINING! The whole point of having a Fellow Fanboy Confessions section on this site is for it to be FUN. It's gotta be something that people can look forward to checking out on a regular basis. It's gotta be something that genuinely adds to their day in a fun way. Basically, it's gotta be worthy of this site. So in the words of those stupid cheerleaders in that dumb-ass Kirsten Dunst movie, be sure to bring it!

Rule #3:
You understand that by sending in your story, anecdote, confession, or whatever else you'd like to call it, you automatically grant us permission to edit and publish it in any place and in any way that we choose. We reserve the right to offer submissions in whatever format we consider to be the most useful and entertaining.

Rule #4:
It's gotta be sent to the following e-mail address:

We've set up this e-mail address exclusively for Fellow Fanboy Confession submissions, so be sure to send it to that e-mail specifically.

Thanks, fellow fanboys! Looking forward to all your "confessions!"

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