Ripper Review:

Out of chaos comes order. All collectors know that their life is one of chaos. Collectors are driven by an unknown urge to obtain that one more elusive item to add to their ever-growing bounty of collectibles. Some begin collecting the same way: comic books the gateway drug of the collector. In James and Johnny Jacobs' book, True Confessions of a Fanboy, we get to see and understand that driving force of the collector. Fanboy is every fanboy or collector. He is the face of the urge collectors have that drives them. In reading the book, we see how we got to the point that, as collectors, we are at. In understanding what drove Fanboy, we understand what drove ourselves. Fanboy is real. Fanboy is that little child in all of us that still gets bright-eyed when we see that item that brings us back to our better years. Even though a person may not collect the same things that Fanboy collects, they still do collect. Collecting is a primal urge that goes back to caveman's hunter/gathering days. True Confessions of a Fanboy is an ejoyable book to read with humor that makes readers laugh at their own life as a collector. Weep for Fanboy. We weep for ourselves.